A Christmas Dinner You Can Enjoy in a Single Gulp

And it's less than 300 calories, to boot.

— -- Christmas miracle or the nightmare before? You decide.

Challenged to create a holiday feast that wouldn't wreak havoc on jockeys' waistlines before the William Hill Winter Festival at England's Kempton Park this weekend, Dr. Rachel Edwards-Stuart and bookmakers William Hill created the first-ever fluid version of a classic Christmas dinner. While the original sit-down version, containing multiple sides and nibbles, would total at roughly 7,000 calories, its liquefied cousin is a wee 294.

So what's in this holiday concoction?

The multi-tiered cocktail contains "turkey gel, umami-rich gravy, carrot fluid gel, dehydrated Brussels sprouts, potato-infused foam and cranberry 'air,'" according to an earlier report in the Daily Mail. An espresso-style shot of mince pie extract and a spoonful of powdered brandy butter –- an extra 38 calories -- appear alongside.

Edwards-Stuart did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment. But this is not the scientist's first foray into the world of complex edibles, having previously developed foods for celebrated British chef Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck) as well as creating a line of gluten-free products for Sainsburys.

At least one jockey is excited about the prospect of the new drink, despite the lack of figgy pudding.

"This is a great invention for jockeys who are struggling to make weight for the William Hill King George but still want to feel part of their family's festive celebrations," champion jockey A.P. McCoy told the Daily Mail.