'Cityswept' Latest Trend in Hair Looks

You may emerge from the salon looking like you've been through a wind tunnel.

March 24, 2014— -- The next time you get a blow out, you might emerge from the salon looking like you've just been through a wind tunnel.

Move over beach waves -- make room for cityswept.

Those loose waves women have been trying to achieve for the last several years may be on the way out. Bumble and Bumble has introduced a new product called cityswept finish."Lived-in, street-styled looks in a New York minute," the product description reads.

"We've definitely been seeing a lot of 'undone' looks," said beauty expert and editor of The Beauty Bean. Harpers Bazaar included "windswept updos" as a top hair trend for 2014.

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"Beachy waves will always be sexy, but something less done and perfect is definitely more on trend right now," said Wolfer. "Think slept in beach waves, but not grungy or dirty or dull."

Bumble and bumble isn't the only company making a product to help fashionistas get the latest look. Wolfer said Orbie makes a dry texturizing spray, which is very similiar to Bumble's cityswept product.

"It's like a combination of a dry texturizing spray but with added sheen and hold, or like a dry shampoo without the dullness," she said.