College Roommates' Ultra-Chic Monogrammed Dorm Room Goes Viral

This certainly isn’t your typical dingy dorm room.

— -- This certainly isn’t your typical dingy dorm room. No way. No ma’am.

These two college roommates from Ole Miss, Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, spared no detail when it came to decorating their ultimate chic paradise -- opting to go with cool, calming colors, a faux fur rug, sparkly picture frames, matching monogrammed pillows, ornate drapes, quilted headboards and art on the walls -- rather than your average movie posters and pizza-stained carpets.

The Southern students were introduced to each other by a mutual friend on social media last September, and the rest, as they say, was a match made in ultra-luxe décor history.

“The response has mainly been positive!” Goodson said of the feedback they’ve gotten on their snazzy sanctuary. “There is a bit of negativity, but we are so happy with our room and had so much fun decorating it that it doesn’t bother us. Nearly all rooms at our school are decorated beautifully and are very unique, so we are surprised and flattered that our room has gotten so much attention!”

Needless to say, Goodson and Bozeman, of Southern Mississippi, were extremely methodical in their matching dorm room planning, even while still living states away from each other.

“We knew school and living in a dorm was going to get stressful so we chose the blues and neutral to keep our room calm-feeling and we love it!” said Goodson. “Abby’s mom sent me fabric samples of the pillow fabric and the bed skirts so I used them in every purchase I made to make sure everything would match once we moved in. We also sent each other tons of pictures back and forth of things we’d found.”

It took the girls and their families seven hours to set up the entire ornate space, “which surprisingly wasn’t as long as we had expected!” she said.

But where do they hide all their makeup, shoes, blow dryers, jewelry and school supplies, you ask?

“Our makeup is in our desk drawers, shoes are in the 3-drawer chest that came in the room which we shoved under the beds, and our laptops float between our desk tops and backpacks which also are under our beds,” Goodson explained.

They are only three days into college life though, so there’s still plenty of time for late night nacho spills to take over the space.

And as for whether the beautiful dorm décor will see the light of day after this year?

“Abby’s younger sister will reuse a majority of our things and the rest will follow us to future apartments, so rest assured our room will not go to waste come move-out day!” said Goodson.