Colorado Boy Sells Hot Cocoa to Raise Money for Hospital That Saved Friend’s Life

"If there were no Children's Hospital, there would be no Cade," Tristan said.

“I did it for my friend Cade. He went to the Children’s Hospital because he had cancer,” Tristan told ABC News. “So I’m trying to pay back the hospital by raising money.”

Tristan said he originally thought of having a lemonade stand, but realized it was too cold to do it in the winter. Instead, he sold hot cocoa for $1 and $2 for a cup with marshmallows. More customers came by with donations after seeing Tristan's story on a local news report, so he and his parents decided to donate anything over $5 straight to the hospital. By the end of the weekend, he raised $402.05.

“My wife and I were a little apprehensive because it was so cold outside,” Steve Regini, Tristan’s father, told ABC News. “The next thing you know, he made $400.”

"I'm pretty happy because Children's Hospital saved his life, and if there were no Children's Hospital, there would be no Cade,” Tristan said. “He's probably the nicest kid I ever met in my life.”

On Sunday night, Tristan and his mother visited the hospital to hand over his donation directly himself.

“Each gift, whether large or small, is an investment in a child’s healthy future and this gift is particularly meaningful because it demonstrates the youngest members of our community giving to enhance the hospital experience for his peers,” Cary Larger, Sr. Vice President of Community Fundraising at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, said in a statement to ABC News.

Tristan plans to continue his business next week so “more money can go to the Children’s Hospital.” He said he also wants to open a lemonade stand in the summer and a leaf-raking business in the fall.

“He’s got that little entrepreneur spirit. This happened to be an occasion to use it for a good cause. This is the first time he’s really put it into practice,” Steve Regini said. “I’m really proud of him.”

“I like selling things to help people,” Tristan said. “I like to help the world.”