Connecticut Hiker Films Close Encounter With Black Bears

Stephanie Rivkin recounts the moments she had a dangerous run-in with the bears.

— -- A Connecticut woman's incredible encounter with bears while she was hiking was all caught on camera, by the hiker.

Stephanie Rivkin was hiking near Burlington, Connecticut, on Friday when she came upon two bears.

Rivkin thought she was a safe distance away, until the bears came closer and closer, causing a heart-stopping moment.

“Oh, no. No. Don’t get crazy,” Rivkin can be heard telling the bears.

As the bears surrounded Rivkin, one of them reached out for her leg with his mouth.

“The teeth scared the hell out of me,” Rivkin told reporters after the incident. “I was thinking, ‘Oh, he’s going to take a whole leg muscle out in one bite.”

Something spooked the bear and Rivkin was able to get away, but the hiker was left in shock.

“And then after that I took a good 10 minutes in my car and just sat there and thanked God, you know, for letting me out of there alive,” said Rivkin, who posted two videos of the close encounter on Facebook.

Connecticut tracks bears and the two red tags in the ears of the bear who came towards Rivkin's leg helped authorities identify the bear as one-and-a-half year old male.

Wildlife officials immediately closed the trail at Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, after Rivkin's close encounter.