Couple That Fell in Love Over Instagram Weds

Photo-sharing app led to marriage for two strangers.

— -- There is a popular adage that posits love will find you where you're not looking for it.

Denis LaFargue first spotted Elizabeth Wisdom when he joined Instagram two years ago and noticed some familiar scenes populating her feed. Wisdom had just returned from a family trip up the West Coast. And, as LaFargue had just made the same trek the summer before, he decided to comment on a image from Crater Lake in Oregon (June 2012).

A conversation in the comments section slowly developed over the rest of the summer until LaFargue finally decided to take things to the next level: phone conversations. (September 2012.)

After talking regularly both via Instagram and over the phone for months Wisdom began feeling that she had to know LaFargue and meet in person. On October 19, 2012, she traveled to New Orleans to have their first face-to-face encounter. The trip went so well that the pair began officially dating shortly after, LaFargue referring to Wisdom as his “Instalady.”

Over the next nine months, the couple dated long distance and encountered many skeptics, not least of whom was Wisdom's mother. To calm her mother’s suspicions, Wisdom shared LaFargue's feed with her to show their shared spiritual beliefs and values.

Convinced he had found "the one," LaFargue began saving up for an engagement ring and planning a proposal, which would take place in Texas at her grandmother’s home in her barn from the 1900’s. On June 27, 2013, LaFargue printed out Instagram photos from both of their feeds, illustrating the story of their relationship and displaying them in a 1900s barn at his grandmother's home in Texas.

After some long-distance coordination, Wisdom's parents and grandparents brought her to the barn where the timeline was strung and LaFargue was waiting with an original composition.

As soon as they got engaged both Instagram personalities immediately shared the news on their feeds, then began planning for the wedding.

When the pair finally wed on October 18, 2014, LaFargue was quick to share a photo of his blushing bride and in a modern take on tradition, Wisdom officially changed her handle from @ElizabethWisdom to @ElizabethLaFargue to signal she is now a "Mrs."