Couple inspired by 'Stranger Things' reveals sex of baby in viral video

Daniel Vongnakhone and Krystal Jugarap are huge fans of "Stranger Things."

— -- One California couple, inspired by the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things," just revealed the sex of their first child in a now viral video.

Daniel Vongnakhone and Krystal Jugarap are expecting their first child in February and wanted to announce if they were having a boy or a girl in a "fun" way "for the people that we weren't going to see in person," Jugarap told ABC News.

Vongnakhone, 28, said he randomly came up with the idea to use scenes from the science fiction drama. In the show, Winona Ryder's character Joyce Byers often uses lights to communicate with her son, who is stuck in the Upside Down, or an alternative reality.

"I knew the new season was coming so I thought I'd mention it to Krystal and figure out how to do it," he explained.

The couple spent about $40 buying the lights and other gadgets needed to make the lights spell out "It's a girl." They also had to go online and find instructions to make each LED light illuminate one by one. And it wasn't easy.

"I got really busy with work and almost gave up on the idea, but Krystal was determined to figure it out," Vongnakhone said.

When the two finally posted their video on Facebook to tell friends and family, some of them understood and some of them didn't.

"They didn't realize there was a message in it," Jugarap, 27, said. "A lot of them don't watch 'Stranger Things.'"

Still, their families eventually figured out they were expecting a girl early next year. And the video just so happened to go viral, with 1 million views.

The two plan to name the baby girl Leila Rey after their favorite movie, "Star Wars."