Couple Travels the World for Epic 79-Day Wedding Extravaganza

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard are getting married in 12 countries.

March 21, 2015, 3:33 AM

— -- Forget waiting until the honeymoon to travel. One California couple has turned their wedding into an epic journey through 12 countries over 79 days.

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard decided they wanted to do something more for their wedding than a day-long ceremony and reception. The couple instead decided to get hitched in 12 different countries, holding at least 20 ceremonies during their travels, according to their fundraising site.

The couple jetted off on Feb. 8 and aren't expected to return homeward until April 28. According to their Facebook pages and Flickr, the couple has held multiple ceremonies, including near the great pyramids of Egypt and in the jungle of Colombia.

"The most powerful experience for [me] was standing in the ancient Egyptian desert and getting married in front of the great pyramids," Platt told ABC News station WLS-TV in Chicago. "The only standing structure of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They are so majestic, awe-inspiring and rooted in such myth and legend. It was truly a breathtaking wedding."

The couple didn't ask for gifts for their unorthodox wedding. Instead, they created a fundraising site for their honeymoon on Honeyfund, allowing the couple to plan a trip to all seven continents, including Antarctica.

The couple wrote on their site that they were both ordained so that they could perform their wedding ceremonies themselves.

"This wedding has been the greatest experience of my life," Platt told WLS-TV.

Since couple are both acrobats, according to WLS, they have also showed off a few daredevil tricks during their travels, including impressive lifts and headstands across the globe.

The couple's adventure has already started to go viral on social media and might have also inspired a few other couples. Today, Platt wrote on his Facebook that they gave advice to one bride-to-be.

"Just finished an amazing Skype call with a bride in New England who says our story has helped inspire them to completely rework their wedding plans," wrote Platt. "It was So amazing to hear, and so moving. I've spent too much time crying tears of joy tonight."

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