Dad Pranks Mom With Baby’s Wild Escapades While She’s at Work

Matt Coyne photo shopped their son, Charlie, into funny situations.

ByEliza Murphy
May 11, 2016, 2:29 PM

— -- When mom’s away, dad and baby will play.

Or at least that’s the case with Matt Coyne and his 7-month-old son, Charlie, in England.

Above is a text message exchange Coyne had with his girlfriend of 20 years, Lyndsay Cooper, on her first day back to work post-maternity leave.

All the poor mom wants is a sweet photo updating her on what her two boys are doing throughout the day, but instead she’s receiving prank pictures of her angelic son enjoying beers with his dad and skydiving, among a few other choice adult activities.

The hilarious photo has gone viral with nearly 30,000 likes, 3,400 comments and 6,500 shares on Facebook.

These wild escapades are nothing new for Coyne and Charlie, however.

Coyne is the author of the Man vs. Baby blog, where he chronicles the adventures of being a new dad with a particular sense of humor that’s definitely gotten the Internet’s attention.

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