Dad's Pancake Art Becomes a Viral Sensation

Nathan Shields started making innovative pancake creations.

November 5, 2014, 3:44 PM
PHOTO: Pancake artist Nathan Shields and his family.
Pancake artist Nathan Shields and his family.
Nathan Shields

— -- Nathan Shields, a stay-at-home father and part-time illustrator, started making innovative pancake creations for his wife and two kids while living on an island off the coast of the Pacific. Since then, he’s been sharing his pancakes on social media platforms like YouTube, where he has hundreds of thousands of video views.

PHOTO: Species of apes.
Species of apes.
Nathan Shields

“It started almost three years ago when we were living in Saipan,” said Shields. “I was put in charge of the kids and one day I thought we’d have some fun making breakfast. The next time, I tried a little harder and people liked the photos on Facebook. It’s been exciting reading the comments and reactions on social media.”

His two kids are a son, Gryphon, 6, and a daughter, Alice, 4.

PHOTO: Shield's Walter White pancake creation.
Shield's Walter White pancake creation.
Nathan Shields

Using a spoon, Shields, 34, began shaping pancake batter into themed designs like apes, insects, and even pop culture icons. Now, a squeeze bottle is the go-to tool being used for the family’s almost 200 pancake creations.

PHOTO: Shields' "Beatles" pancakes.
Shields' "Beatles" pancakes.
Nathan Shields

“It has become a weekly tradition and now my kids are requesting making their own,” Shields said. “It’s about sharing something special with my kids. It’s a fun experience we can do together.”

Shields, who currently resides in Port Angeles, Washington, is searching for a literary agent to get his first book started. “I’m looking to do a half gallery, half how-to in the next year or so,” he said. “It’ll make for a good coffee table book.”

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