#DadWin Shows What Happens When Dad Is in Charge

The hashtag #dadwin is trending on Instagram.

— -- Dads around the world are taking to social media to show they can handle things on the domestic front, or can they?

One photo posted by @kylejhfwaites shows a dad holding his son by his feet upside down over the ocean with the caption, “Dad I need to wash my hands.”

“He wanted to wash his hands but not get his feet dirty...being 3 is amazing,” the dad wrote.

Another #dadwin photo shows a toddler girl in an orange-colored pajama onesie.

“#dad win pajamas same shade as easy mac – can’t see the stains, can you,” reads the caption from @4606owens.

Another favorite #dadwin photo shows a young boy with Batman underwear over his face.

“When Gotham is...ashes, you have my permission to die! I was folding laundry with the baby and was stacking his brothers underwear. #dadwin #dadlife #batman #gotham,” reads the caption from @walkingstick_co.

Tell us in the comments, what is your best #dadwin?