Try-Day Friday: Why My Emotional Psychic Experience Made Me a Believer

Vanessa Facciola gave a glimpse into my future.

ByABC News
June 19, 2015, 3:23 AM
I sat down with Vanessa Facciola for a psychic reading earlier this week.
I sat down with Vanessa Facciola for a psychic reading earlier this week.
ABC News

— -- "No outside noise, just be happy."

These were the most meaningful words spoken to me through psychic medium Vanessa Facciola during my reading.

To be honest, I was always skeptical about seeing a psychic. Call me crazy, but I've been under the impression that they existed solely to strip down a person's character. In other words, I thought she was going to remind me of all the wrong I've done in my life.

To my surprise, it was exactly the opposite. Walking out of the Shops at the Plaza, I felt content and for the first time in a long time, rather than looking back, I found myself truly excited for what's to come.

Mind you, this was my first psychic reading, ever.

Why now?

Well, having been married for almost two years and just recently becoming a homeowner, it's safe to say my life is in a serious transition period. And to be completely honest, it's scary having to think 'big girl' thoughts now.

My husband calls me the worry wart because I constantly and ponder the unknown: 'Will we have enough money?' 'Will I have healthy babies?' 'Will I ever get to travel?' 'Will I be happy?'

For these reasons, among others, is why I went to see Vanessa.

"This is going to come out fast," she said in the gold lobby of New York's Shops at the Plaza.

While shuffling and flipping those pretty tarot cards like you see in the movies, Vanessa rattled off my future as if she was certain it already happened.

"I see you with babies, a little girl," she said. "She is going to be very sensitive. About two years after that, you'll have a boy. The both of them will be very close."

I've got to say, this really warmed my heart (not my daughter being sensitive part, that part scared me a little).

Being the oldest of four, I always had a close bond with my brothers and appreciated the brother-sister combo.

"Two kids, maybe three," she said. "But no more than three."

Jeez, three children. Thank goodness the next thing she told me was that I'll eventually hold a higher position as an editor -- a big dream of mine since I was writing puny columns for 'The Gull' at East Rockaway High School.

In addition to craving a glimpse into my future, I also wanted to revisit some people that left me too soon. When I was 20 years old, my sweet, smiley, handsome college boyfriend Billy died in his sleep, tragically, from diabetic shock.

Not only did it devastate everyone who loved him, but there was so much left unsaid, as expected when a life is lost so young.

Billy passed away seven years ago, but the pain from losing him is still very real.

I had hoped Vanessa could reach him for me and my grandmother, who we lost in April, unexpectedly, to cancer.

Grandma was our family stone -- a kind-hearted women with a love for laughter, classic films, Frank Sinatra, and a deep adoration for her six grandchildren.

When she died it was easily one, and still is, one of the most emotional times in my life. I miss her, a lot. And, there's still a great deal of anger and uncertainty of whether or not she kept her sickness a secret to protect our family from heartache.

"She [your grandmother] didn't know [she was sick] for a long time," Vanessa said. "She said was in denial and just didn't want to believe it. She says she's very proud of you and to hold onto your old soul."

Old soul. Those words were often thrown around whenever Grandma spoke of me. She was the one who influenced my fascination with films starring her favorite vintage dames: Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, Doris Day -- the list goes on. So, when Vanessa referred to me as an old soul, my heart immediately felt heavy. Grandma spoke to me and needless to say, I was now a believer of the psychic experience.

Before reaching Grandma and Billy, all Vanessa asked is that I tell her their relation to me, and the color of their hair.

"Grandma blonde, well brunette who dyed her hair, and Billy, my friend, brown," I told her.

Without my having to say it, Vanessa knew that Billy was an old flame.

She said he was very upset when he died because it happened too soon. This made me sad. Of course, it made me cry.

"He says he's fine now and he thinks of you often. He says once you have your babies you aren't going to worry about outside noise. You were one of the best friends he ever had. He says 'Just be happy, girl. You have a long life ahead of you and I will see you again.'"

You might be saying 'So what?' or 'Anyone can say that,' but I have my reasons on why I was convinced by her words.

Whether you're a believer or not, I have to say that seeing Vanessa gave me a new outlook on life. I went in there expecting her to dig up my past and explain why it shaped me into the person that I am today.

Instead, the experience left me thrilled for the future and a little less concerned with the happenings of yesterday.

A new home, healthy children, a career, and happiness.

"No outside noise, just be happy."

Thanks, Billy. I will be.

Vanessa Facciola is a psychic medium in New York City with 30 years experience.