Deaf Toddler Learns to Play Recorder for First Time and Has Amazing Reaction

Ezra Somnitz, 2, couldn't control his laughter.

— -- Learning to play the recorder is hard for any toddler. Still, when Ezra Somnitz, who has been deaf since birth, learned to play the wind instrument, he was so tickled he burst into a fit of laughter.

The heartwarming moment was caught on video by his mother, Melanie Redington Somnitz, and has since gone viral.

The Columbus, Ohio, mother of four told ABC News that 2-year-old Ezra "enjoys music in general and enjoys music done in sign language."

He became interested in the recorder after seeing his older brother practice with it for school. Ezra later became overjoyed that he could play as well.

"The very first time he was surprised and shocked," Redington Somnitz recalled. "Learning to blow, that's a hard skill for any kid but being deaf it took extra practice."

Redington Somnitz said once Ezra finally learned how to fill up his cheeks and blow into the recorder "he just thought that was the funniest thing ever."

Redington Somnitz said although her son is deaf, he doesn't see it as a disability because it's very common in their family. In fact, her husband is deaf along with her in-laws, she said.

"The biggest difference is that we use American Sign Language. That's the primary language in our home," she explained.

She continued: "We're very proud that Ezra is who he is. We want [Ezra] to be deaf and to be proud of his deafness."