Deck the Halls With This DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree

PHOTO: A simple tabletop tree for any space.PlayDavid Miller
WATCH Deck the Halls With This DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree

Christmas is the time of year when you want to hang out with friends and family at home, drink eggnog, wear funny sweaters, throw a log on the fire, tell stories and be merry. But without a tree it’s hard to create the feeling of Christmas. If you don’t have space in your home for a full-sized Douglas fir, a table-top Christmas tree is a simple way to fill your home with the sweet pine and bright lights of the holiday.

To compete the table-top Christmas tree you will need: • 12-quart steel bucket • A durable lawn bag or plastic sheeting • Duct tape • Gravel • Sheers to trim the tree • And of course one small pine tree Instructions:

1. Line the bucket: Line the bucket with plastic sheeting or lawn bag. Trim the bag to within 1 inch of the top of the bucket and tape the top edges with duct tape.

2. Fit the tree: Fit your tree into the bucket and trim the trunk if necessary.

3. Add the gravel: Add the gravel to raise the tree higher and keep it sturdy and in place.

4. Water the tree: Water the tree lightly, while avoiding the duct tape.

5. Decorate: String with lights and decorate.