One District Will Have Saturday School to Make Up for Missed Days

Other school districts will add six minutes of class time or cancel holidays.

ByABC News
February 25, 2015, 1:58 PM
One school district will be in session on Saturday to make up for days missed for bad weather.
One school district will be in session on Saturday to make up for days missed for bad weather.
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— -- A North Carolina school district will be in session on Saturday and parents aren't too happy.

The Gaston County school district made the announcement Tuesday on Facebook and on its web site.

"Gaston County Schools will use Saturday, February 28 as an inclement weather makeup day. Students will attend school on Saturday, February 28 for a half day to make up the day missed on Tuesday, February 24. School will begin at the regular time. Dismissal for elementary schools will be at 11:30 a.m. Dismissal for middle schools and high schools will be at 12:00 noon. Breakfast and lunch will be served on Saturday."

Some parents are outraged, citing the four-day notice and inability to change weekend plans.

"Would you please tell me what the students who work on Saturdays and can not work on any other day because crammed enough with school weekdays. GOOD JOB GASTON COUNTY SCHOOLS," wrote one commenter.

"This is absolutely ridiculous! What are those of us who have things we can't get out of supposed to do? This was not well thought out. I guess we will have two unnecessary absences. Also, what about the teenagers who have weekend jobs?" wrote another.

According to the school district's inclement weather policy on it's web site, "the Board of Education reserves the right to use early release days and Saturdays as make-up days."

Some parents aren't upset though, citing that they'd rather have the kids go to school on Saturday than have a day of the upcoming spring break.

One mom can't wait for Saturday. "Lol well I'm not here to complain like some of yall!! I'm happy that they are using alternate days!! Woo hooo Saturday school means more mommy free time!!! Thanks GCS."

A phone call to the Gaston County school district communications department was not immediately returned.

Other school districts around the country are figuring out ways to make up lost days without having students come in on weekend. Virginia Beach City Public Schools, for example, voted last year to use staff work days and other holidays to avoid Saturday school.

One district -- Chesapeake Public Schools, also in Virginia -- will add six minutes of instruction per day for its high school students to make up for the schools being closed Feb. 17 - Feb. 20.

In Boston, which has been slammed by winter weather, public schools will use days previously designated as holidays to make up time. On March 17, Evacuation Day, school will be in session. Bunker Hill Day, June 17, may also be added to the school year.