Dog's Race to Open Water Captured on Camera

Three-year-old Walter sprints over rocks and around trees to the water.

ByABC News
September 3, 2014, 12:37 PM

— -- If you ever wondered what a dog sees when he bounds out of a house and sprints toward open water, a dog owner in Italy has given the answer.

When Simone Sciumbata, the owner of a Labrador retriever named Walter, was given a video camera for his birthday this summer, he decided to let Walter use it first.

Sciumbata, 25, strapped the camera onto 3-year-old Walter’s collar just before the dog made his daily run from the home of Sciumbata’s girlfriend in Siracusa, Sicily, to the beach.

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The result is a 30-second video, posted on YouTube, that shows Walter sprinting through the home’s backyard, around trees, down stairs, over rocks and straight through human beachgoers until he dives into the water.

“The first video that I had imagined to do was this because I really like when he runs in that way,” Sciumbata told ABC News by email. “He really loves the sea and to jump and run, and he’s very fast.”

GoPro, last month introduced a $59.99 dog harness and mount that straps to your pup and films what he sees, from playing at the park to digging through the garbage. The Fetch harness comes with mounting hardware that works with any GoPro camera, and can be attached to your pet’s back for overhead shots, or to his chest, to capture the view from the ground.

It appears in the YouTube video that Sciumbata used a regular GoPro camera on Walter, not the dog harness.

ABC News' Rheana Murray contributed to this story.