Dominique Ansel's 5-Minute Cooking Hack Creates Decadent Dessert

Dominique Ansel visited Facebook headquarters and created a new dessert.

ByABC News
November 5, 2014, 3:04 PM

— -- With Cronut creator Dominique Ansel’s new cookbook out, the pastry chef is on a whirlwind book promotion tour. His latest stop was Facebook headquarters where he was met with a serious challenge: make a culinary creation out of what he could find in the office pantry.

It’s a problem we’ve all faced: what to make when you’ve got nothing in the kitchen. It’s no surprise that this world-renowned chef slayed the challenge.

The chef grabbed bagels, chocolate milk, maple syrup and salt – four ingredients that may not sound complementary – and created a masterpiece.

“Doing my first #culinaryhack @Facebook campus,” Ansel wrote on Instagram. “Decided to make a ‘Le FB’ (the ‘French Bagel’): bagels soaked in chocolate milk and toasted ‘French toast-style’ with warm maple syrup and a dash of salt.”

In the video, Ansel runs around soaking the bagel in a bowl of chocolate milk, toasting the soaked bagel until warm and crispy and topping it with heated maple syrup and salt.

The name – “Le FB” – stands for “Le French Bagel,” but fittingly could stand for “Le Facebook” as well.

Ansel then stayed a while after to play barista and make lattes for Facebook employees and print posters with chocolate.