‘Eat Like Jesse’: Jesse Palmer Tries a Burger With a Mac ‘N Cheese Bun at Datz

Co-owner Roger Perry describes the menu as "stunt food."

ByABC News
June 20, 2016, 8:06 AM

— -- If you're a foodie and you live in Tampa Bay, Florida, you've no doubt heard of the restaurant named Datz.

Even if you're not a local, you've probably heard of it, too. It's one of the places out-of-towners ask to visit.

Datz was created by Suzanne and Roger Perry, retirees who got bored and opened the establishment that offers comfort food with flair.

Roger laughs as he describes the menu as "stunt food."

His wife went a bit further, saying, "It's ridiculous, but people love it."

The menu is definitely eclectic –- featuring meals including chicken and waffles, buffalo cauliflower, tempura Reuben rolls, pork belly tacos and a Cuban sandwich named the Havana Hottie.

"One of our best dishes ... is our meatloaf that's stuffed with mac and cheese," Roger said.

"Good Morning America"'s Jesse Palmer visited Datz for the first stop in his series, "Eat Like Jesse."

Palmer tried the Cheesy Todd, the burger served between "buns" made of Panko-breaded, deep-fried macaroni and cheese. Keith Williamson, the restaurant's executive chef, invited Palmer into the kitchen and showed him how the sandwich was made.

The burger was assembled, the traditional fixings -– tomatoes, lettuce and pickles -– were added, and Palmer got a taste. Watch his reaction in the video above.

To learn how to make the famous "Cheesy Todd" at home, click here to get the recipe and watch our step-by-step how-to-video.

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