Effective Beauty Remedies That Are In Your Kitchen Right Now

You don’t need to buy moisturizers and cleansers. They’re in your kitchen.

ByABC News
March 18, 2015, 7:00 AM
A woman is seen wearing a face mask.
A woman is seen wearing a face mask.
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— -- You don’t have to spend a lot of money on store-bought beauty remedies. You can go right to your kitchen.

Food can be used in hundreds of all-natural, at-home beauty remedies.

As part of the new “Yahoo Your Day” series -- a collaboration between “Good Morning America” and experts from Yahoo – makeup guru Bobbi Brown appeared on “GMA” to help us whip up some of those homemade beauty recipes.

Coconut Oil
Brown, the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty, said her favorite pantry secret is coconut oil.

“I put it in smoothies and I cook with it, but it also works great as a skin cream,” she said.

Brown added that coconut oil works well as a facial moisturizer and as body moisturizer for someone just out of the shower.

“It's really good for your hair. You can put it on your hair, and then wash it out, and you'll have nice hydration to your hair ... It really is one of my favorites. It takes off all your makeup,” she said.
Brown Sugar
Brown said brown sugar and honey together make the perfect lip scrub.

“A real yummy lip scrub,” she said, adding: “you want to have something that exfoliates, so feel the sugar.”

Brown sugar may also be mixed with a little bit of olive oil.

“It's like a body scrub,” she said. “And just feel it. So, you do it before you go in the shower. You just take it, you scrub … then you just rinse it off when you're in the shower, and you don't have to put moisturizer on afterwards, because your skin is nice and hydrated.”
Yogurt can be used to make a facial mask.

“You could put in yogurt. You could put in oatmeal, and you could put in some honey,” Brown said.

She added: “The yogurt will moisturize your skin, because it's a full fat yogurt. It'll add moisture to your skin. The oatmeal will act as almost like an exfoliant, so, it's a very gentle scrub.”

A little lemon goes a long way.

Lemon is “is a great astringent for oily skin,” Brown said. “If your skin is oily, lemon is great. Lemon also will add highlights to your hair in the summer, if you're dark haired.”

And for those who have spots on their face, “if you apply lemon every day, it'll lighten the spot,” Brown said.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Mixed with a little bit of water, apple cider vinegar is good for digestion, but, used as a hair rinse in the shower, it will also give hair shine, Brown said.
“Avocado has so much incredible omega oil in it, it's excellent for your hair. Good for your hair. You could use it on your skin,” Brown said.

It could also be mashed and applied to hair.
Coconut Milk
“Another great remedy that I actually tried myself, full fat coconut milk. Full fat coconut milk is so rich, it's incredible," Brown said. "I was once on a business trip in China and my skin was so dry, nothing worked. I opened up a can a coconut milk and I applied it to my skin. The next morning I woke up, the redness was gone."