'Emotional Pain' of Miscarriage Captured in Photo Series

The images feature sonogram photos, mementos and name tags.

— -- A California woman has captured the heartbreak of miscarriage in a powerful photo series.

Yudelson, 57, experienced miscarriages of her own between 1993 and 2005. She began curating and photographing her project, "Lost," in late July of 2015.

The black and white images feature ultrasound pictures, tiny infant outfits and the name tags of each child Yudelson lost.

"For each baby, I saved the sonogram and pregnancy test in an envelope labeled with their name along with their mementos wrapped in tissue," she said. "I arranged these items in a manner I felt told the narrative in a humble and pristine fashion, in direct correlation to their short and pure lives."

Since sharing her photo series with the world, Yudelson said she's received "overwhelmingly positive" feedback.

"Personally, what I value most highly is the feedback from hundreds of women and men," Yudelson said. "The images have not only comforted them, but also, propelled them to speak up and share their experience in an attempt to help another."

"What I hope evolves from the creation of my images is a broadening in the conversation and understanding of miscarriage," Yudelson added. "Both physically and emotionally."