Experts share top picks for rain gear

"GMA" teamed up with the Wirecutter to challenge some popular wellies.

ByABC News
April 18, 2017, 8:10 AM

— -- The popular product review site the Wirecutter has released their top picks for rain gear, just in time for those looking for footwear and umbrellas that keep you dry even when you're trekking through spring showers.

Boot testers at The Wirecutter spent 100 hours in rainy northern California and Colorado locations, wearing the boots while trudging through the woods, along the shoreline and even driving with them to test comfort.

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert simulated some of the Wirecutter's methods on "Good Morning America," by creating a man-made puddle and checking if any of the recommended boots leaked water during extreme circumstances.

"We’re trying to make our own puddle to see if any of these boots leaked," Bankert said on "GMA" today.

Along with the Wirecutter's Liz Thomas, the pair filled a kiddie pool filled with water and food coloring, and then stuffed the boots with paper towels and let them soak in the dyed water for 24 hours.

"None of them leaked, which was really great," Thomas said at the end of the challenge.

While the boots soaked, Bankert recreated what was dubbed "our wettest sidewalk scenario" by soaping and flooding a kitchen floor to see how the boots performed in slippery conditions. She found that the Wirecutter's top pick did not let her down.

"It's much more weighted," Bankert said of the top pick while strolling along the soapy kitchen floor. "It doesn't feel like you're losing control."

The Wirecutter's overall top picks for rain boots:

The overall top pick for women was the Xtratuf Salmon Sister Legacy boot, which retails for $134.99.

The overall top pick for men was the Xtratuf Legacy boot, which also retails for $134.99.

The Wirecutter's top budget pick was the Target Merona Kalista boot, which retails for only $29.99 and performed slightly better during the slick surfaces challenge than the $150 Hunter Tall Wellington boots. The Hunter Wellingtons, however, also performed well during the slick surfaces challenge and were named the most stylish rain boots.

The Wirecutter's overall top picks for umbrellas:

After doing 50 hours of research and testing 33 umbrellas, the Wirecutter selected these two umbrellas mostly for how well they were able to hold up during windy conditions.

The overall top pick for umbrellas was the Repel Dupont Travel Umbrella, which is a compact umbrella that retails for $21.95. The best stick-style umbrella, which tend to be a little heavier but offer more protection, was the Totes Auto Wooden Umbrella, which retails for $20.

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