Fast Fashion Fixes: How to Style the Little Black Dress

A reasonably-priced black dress is styled five different ways.

March 18, 2016, 8:46 AM

— -- The little black dress is the tried-and-true fashion staple that women everywhere count on.

The dress is a budget-friendly option that looks good on different body types and can be transformed for any occasion.

Good Housekeeping magazine's style director Lori Bergamotto appeared today on "Good Morning America" with tips on how to style the "LBD."

Bergamotto turned a less than $70 black dress from the Gap into five different looks.

1. Professional and Polished: Bergamotto paired the dress with a polka dot blouse and a colorful blazer.

2. Cutting-Edge Casual: Bergamotto added a black and white turtleneck, black skinny jeans and a pair of black stacked heels to the dress.

3. Parisian Pretty: Bergamotto paired the dress with a bell-sleeved lace blouse.

4. After-Work Edgy: Bergamotto took a vintage t-shirt and added a denim jacket with the dress for this look.

5. Elegant Evening Out: Bergamotto added a blush colored, mid-length tutu skirt over the bottom of the black dress.

Watch the video above for even more styling tips from Bergamotto.

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