'Fat Vincent' the Dachshund Transformed After Losing More Than Half His Body Weight

“Fat Vincent" had earned his nickname, one pound at a time.

— -- At 7 years old, Vincent the Dachshund was obese.

The Texas canine was so heavy that his chest and abdomen would touch the ground, making it almost impossible for him to walk.

He was so big that he was dubbed “Fat Vincent,” but after his owner’s death he was turned over to an animal shelter in Houston.

K-9 Angels Rescue, an animal rescue group, and Melissa Anderson, a new foster mother, stepped in, working together to help transform the dog into a Skinny Vinnie.

Eight months later, Vincent weighs 17 pounds. He swims up to 30 minutes a day and is finally able to join his pooch pals on long walks.

Anderson discussed Vincent’s physical regimen, saying the dog walks for 45 minutes to an hour six times a week. She also said he eats one-third cup of dry food with baby carrots, and gets frozen bananas as a treat.