Favorite Foods, Now at Your Fingertips

Six apps that can help you satisfy hankerings from burgers to coffee.

ByABC News
June 3, 2014, 12:00 PM
A young woman uses a smartphone in a restaurant in this undated stock photo.
A young woman uses a smartphone in a restaurant in this undated stock photo.
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June 3, 2014 -- intro: Major cities offer a wealth of delicious dining options. But while the surfeit ensures choices, it also means that hungry patrons can be easily overwhelmed. Fortunately, a selection of smartphone apps are now willing to do some of the legwork for them. Such handy tools as the aptly named Find Me Coffee not only direct users to nearby cafes, but also invite them to rate and review those they frequent online. Here, we share some of the applications determined to deliver you to your favorite foods. Thanks to them, the search is seamless.

quicklist: 1 title: Burgeratortext: Committed to the "pursuit of the world's best burgers," Burgerator wants to make sure that you never settle for a mediocre patty again. The streamlined app catalogs well-reputed burgers and encourages enthusiasts to share photos and reviews. "That's right," declares its website. "This app is seriously that awesome."media: 23977072

quicklist: 2 title: Eat St. text: Developed in partnership with the popular television program of the same name, Eat St. tracks food trucks and stands nationwide. Cart chasers can search either for a particular guerrilla operation or by a specific dish. media: 23976627

quicklist: 3title: Doughbot text: The team responsible for Doughbot promises that those who download its namesake app will never be stranded without doughnuts again. The single-minded tool helps Homer Simpson sympathizers find doughnut establishments in their area. media: 23976745

quicklist: 4title: Farmstand text: While some apps make it all too easy to give in to vice, Farmstand encourages more virtuous behavior. The tool directs users to nearby farmers' markets and acts as a virtual home for produce-loving locavores. Shoppers can access market information and share photos of their finds with the Farmstand community. media: 23976381

quicklist: 5title: Find Me Coffeetext: For an application designed exclusively to track down caffeinated beverages, Find Me Coffee is in fact an impressively full-service operation. Jittery drinkers can filter their search to find coffee shops with amenities like Wi-Fi or parking or to favor independent establishments over national chains. media: 23976287

quicklist: 6title: Pizza Compasstext: "No frills, just pizza," insists the team responsible for Pizza Compass. Billing itself as a "tool for sliced success," the app calibrates the exact distance that separates you from the nearest slice of ooey, gooey goodness. Not quite so desperate? Users can also explore other neighborhood eateries, read reviews, and find restaurant contact information and hours.media: 23976150