FDA Says Some Wrinkle Creams May Be Overstating Claims

In an ongoing effort to keep companies in check, the FDA sends warning letters.

— -- To appeal to our quest for flawless, younger looking skin, some cosmetic companies are selling anti-aging creams that can sound like the fountain of youth in a bottle.

Doctors warn though there can be wrinkles in some of those claims.

“It’s not a magical wand,” Dr. Tyler Hollmig, director of Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology at Stanford Health Care, told ABC News. “It’s not going to take away your wrinkles.”

“They can certainly help mitigate and minimize wrinkles,” Hollmig said, pointing out that the creams can help the skin to a certain degree.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a cosmetic may never claim to do such things as treat a disease like acne, increase collagen or revive cells.

“If they are picking up a product that seems too good to be true, it probably is,” the FDA’s cosmetic and colors director, Dr. Linda Katz, said of consumers.

In an ongoing effort to keep companies in check, the FDA sends warning letters to some cosmetic companies.

A letter to the CEO of StriVectin in February targeted two of its anti-wrinkle products, including its Potent Wrinkle Reducing Treatment. The FDA’s letter pointed out that StriVectin’s website described the product as “clinically proven to change the anatomy of a wrinkle.”

A spokesperson for StriVectin told ABC News the company has now “revised all wording” on those products. The spokesperson also said that future communication to the public about its products will comply with the FDA.

The website for the wrinkle-reducing treatment now reads that it is, “proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkle length, width and number.”

Neither the FDA nor StriVectin would comment further as to whether the company is now in compliance.

“The manufacturers need to make sure that their labeling is clear and understandable and not misleading,” said the FDA’s Katz.

Here is StriVectin's full statement:

"We at StriVectin are committed to providing consumers with the most superior skincare technology available. We stand by the efficacy of our products which is proven by scientific testing and clinical trials. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that our communication to the public complies with the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, per the Food & Drug Administration's request. We have revised all wording as it relates to the products specified by the Food & Drug Administration, and are doing everything in our power to ensure that any future communication to the public accurately relays our products' efficacy while complying with the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act."