Feminist Dad Coaches Only All-Girls Little League T-Ball Team in West LA

"I want everyone to realize that girls can compete with boys in every aspect."

— -- A West L.A. dad is taking girl power to the T-ball field.

Doyin Richards, author and parenting blogger, is a coach for the local little league's only all-girls team. And though he admits he was uncertain when first asked to help coach, he told ABC News he couldn't be happier for the opportunity, which he has turned into a teachable experience for his young players.

His team, the Angels, takes on mixed-gender and all-boys teams. "I just want to teach them the right way to play," Richards said. "But in doing so, I want them to look across the field and see the boys and say, ‘Hey, we’re doing the same thing they’re doing.'"

But, the coach added, it's not only about instilling these values in the girls, it's about the people in the stands, too.

A self-proclaimed feminist, the father works hard to show the girls that they are "not a novelty act."

"Not only do I want to give my team something, I want everyone to realize that little girls can compete with boys in every aspect of life," he said. "And I don’t want them to know that when they're teenagers, or in college, or in the business world. I want them to learn that now."

Overall, the father of two said he is "just doing [his] small part to set a foundation for [these girls] as they grow older."