Fly Thanksgiving’s Cheap Days and Save up to 65 Percent

Shop now.

— -- If you still plan to fly at Thanksgiving, I only have two words for you: Shop now.

No, wait, I have a few more words: Flying the cheapest days for Turkey Day travel can save you as much as 65 percent on airline tickets.

Remember, there are no good fares at Thanksgiving; it’s a matter of finding the best of the bad deals, and this has a lot to do with the itinerary a traveler chooses. So, using my airfare comparison site’s proprietary data to analyze 1.8 million holiday airfares for 100 of the top U.S. domestic markets, here are the best and worst days to fly and what they might cost you.

Note: Results are averages, so your fares may differ (depending on such things as departure and destination cities and when you buy tickets). The fare analysis was conducted in mid-October.

Thanksgiving: Most Expensive Days to Fly

Thanksgiving: Cheapest Days to Fly

Other Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Flights