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Foodie Fun For April Fools’ Day

Try one of these easy, sneaky recipes to trick friends today.

ByABC News
April 1, 2015, 9:52 AM
Tastemade's hot dog and cheeseburger whoopie pies.
Tastemade's hot dog and cheeseburger whoopie pies.

— -- intro: Don't have any epic pranks planned this April Fools' Day? Try one of these easy yet sneaky recipes from Tastemade, like candy "sushi" or "fried chicken" cakepops to fool your friends. We promise they won't be mad once they take a bite.

quicklist:1title: Fried Chicken Cakepopsurl: Corn flakes are the secret ingredient that look like fried breadcrumbs in these sneaky 23130012

quicklist:2title: Sweet Sushiurl: Candied orange peel subs in as salmon and gummy candy take the place of tuna and other "raw fish" in these play 23130239

quicklist:3title: Hot Dog and Cheeseburger Whoopie Piesurl: Cookie buns filled with frosting? We had no idea hot dogs and burgers could be improved upon -- until these came along. media: 23130063

quicklist:4title: Mock Meatloafurl: This is basically a massive chocolate rice krispie treat, and there ain't nothing wrong with 23130190