Fore! Mob of kangaroos creates an unusual hazard on Australian golf course

PHOTO: Greg Tannos his day on the golf course got a lot more interesting when a mob of eastern grey kangaroos decided to pay Sanctuary Point Country Club a visit on April 6.PlayGreg Tannos/
WATCH Kangaroos invade golf course in Australia

A golfer in Australia encountered an unusual hazard during a recent outing.

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On April 6, Greg Tannos was playing a round at Sanctuary Point Country Club when a group of eastern grey kangaroos decided to hop on the green and instantly increase the difficulty of an already hard sport.

Treating the mob of kangaroos like just another obstacle to surmount, Tannos tried to play through, wheeling his clubs behind him.

The kangaroos frolicked around the green, hopped alongside golf carts and even stood still and quiet while he putted.