#ForeverDuncan Bride Defends Her Wedding in New Video

Sherrell Duncan told her supporters not to "feed into the negativity."

— -- Sherrell Duncan is out with a new video, defending her same-day wedding surprise that's gone viral.

The world watched as Duncan was stunned by her now-husband Alfred with a proposal on Oct. 1, followed by a well-planned wedding the very same day.

And while most of the internet loved the heartwarming moment, there were some who criticized her husband and her reaction.

In the video, Duncan jumps up and down, crying. She looks as if she's about to faint.

In a Facebook Live video created Tuesday night, Duncan addressed her critics.

"I'm not sad. This is not me being sad or anything," Duncan started, warning her viewers that she may cry while recounting her special wedding.

"The biggest question is: 'How did you feel that day?' When I was jumping up and down and about to pass out I was in the presence of the Lord," Duncan clarified. "And the reason I say that is because God has been working all through my husband...he has [shown] him how to love his wife before he even made me his wife."

Duncan went on to say that she loved her surprise wedding.

"I was astonished by the wedding but I was more astonished [by] how he created such an event -- not an event -- a moment for me," Duncan added. "He has been studying me. He has been listening. He has been watching me and he has been following God's plan for me the entire time."

Referring to now removed posts on Facebook, Duncan said she didn't share those feelings because she's upset with her critics.

"I posted that stuff not because I'm sad or offended. I posted it because I just want you to know this is not about Sherrell. This is about how God works period," she said.

Duncan ended her video by thanking her "supporters," and encouraged them not to "feed into the negativity because if you feed into it it'll just continue."

"Bless the negativity. Don't feed it," she concluded.