Friends 'Blown Away' by Maine Police Sergeant's Act of Kindness

When Taylor Ronan's wallet was stolen, Sgt. Gerard Hamilton stepped in to help.

— -- Two young women who were moved by the kindness of a police officer are sharing their story on social media.

Friends Taylor Ronan, 20, and Hayley Gulesian, 21, both of Bangor, Maine, told ABC News that on April 21, Sergeant Gerard Hamilton of the Old Orchard Beach Police Department saved them from being stranded hours from home after he insisted on paying to gas up their car.

"You hear so much negative feedback and publicity [on officers] in the news today," Hayley told ABC News. "I was truly blown away by Gerard's act of kindness towards two girls who were just trying to get home."

Hayley and Taylor said that last Thursday, they drove two-and-a-half hours from home to pick up Taylor's sister from the train station, but the train had been delayed. The two women stopped at Old Orchard Beach to kill time, Taylor said.

"We wanted to get some food because we were so hungry," Taylor said. "We walked back to my car and when I opened the center console, I realized my wallet was gone."

Taylor called Old Orchard Beach Police Department to report her wallet had been stolen and soon after, Sgt. Hamilton arrived at the scene.

"I was definitely shaken up and I told him, 'I really need that wallet because I need to get home tonight'" Taylor recalled. "He was searching for my wallet, walked around the beach and all the houses. It was freezing out [and] he was just so kind about it and going out of his way."

Since the girls were running low on gas, Hamilton offered to follow them to a station, where he filled up their tank.

Hayley snapped a photo of the moment and Taylor shared the story on her Facebook page, where it's received 23,000 likes and more than 6,000 shares.

"I think he deserved to be appreciated for what he did," Taylor said.

Hamilton, who's a dad of three, told ABC News that he would've done the good deed for anybody in the same predicament.

"Honestly, it's part of a job and and the last thing I'd like to feel is my children broken down on the side of the road, knowing they didn't have any money, or any gas," Hamilton said. "[Taylor and Hayley] were a little set back. They said, 'No, that's OK, we'll try to make it home.' Being a parent, I told them I wasn't going to take no for an answer."

Hamilton said he learned of Taylor's Facebook post after his teenage daughter came across it online.

Taylor said that she, her mother and Hayley plan on mailing Hamilton a "thank you" gift and a check to pay him back for the gas.