'Gender-Neutral' Underwear Debuts as World's First

Designed for the LBGT community, but gaining heterosexual fans too.

— -- It wasn't exactly designed for the woman who always borrows her boyfriend's underwear, but it could be.

Play Out, a New York-based underwear company, sells what is thought to be the first -- or at the very least the first marketed as such -- pair of gender-neutral underwear.

The initial concept behind the boxer briefs and trunks, co-founder and designer Abby Sugar said, “was to take what’s great about what’s traditionally men’s underwear and make it so female-bodied people could wear it comfortably.”

“We could not find what we wanted out there, so set out to make it, and the timing was right for the market to demand our style of underwear as well," Sugar said.

The website reads: No matter your gender identification, we consciously design everything -- from the styling, coloring, and both cuts -- to be appealing to every gender.

“We want to include all sides of the gender spectrum,” she said. That very much includes heterosexuals. “But language is always changing and someone’s always offended.

Sugar said someone she suggested she just label the products as being for “people with vaginas” or “people with penises.” First of all, as a businesswoman, that’s just “not searchable.” But, also “what about the male-to-female transgender person who does not have a vagina yet but wants one? I don’t want that person to feel bad.”

So, back to calling it gender-neutral underwear.