Georgia Woman Adopts Dying Dog, Brings Him On Final Adventures

Nicole Elliot adopted Chester, so he wouldn't have to die in a shelter.

— -- Nicole Elliot said she immediately knew she wanted to adopt Chester, a senior rescue dog who suffering from terminal cancer, and bring him on an exciting journey that would make the most of the time he has left on earth.

"Before I went and got him, I decided to do a bucket list," Elliot of Columbus, Georgia told ABC News. "They brought him out to me and I fell in love with him."

Elliot, who has a passion for rescuing animals, said she found Chester's photo while scrolling through the Facebook page of Animal Ark Rescue -- a shelter that was searching for potential owners to care for him during his dying days.

"They rescued him from a high kill shelter in April after he was surrendered over from his previous owners," she said. "He had a huge tumor on the top of his head and they wanted someone to take him for his final days. The next day, I got there right before they opened."

On June 27, Elliot, 24, took Chester home where she began planning little adventures for him to enjoy.

"I never compiled a list. I've just gotten some ideas of things I can take him to do," Elliot said. "He's playful at times, but I'm sure with the age and the cancer it slows him down. He is just very sweet and he soaks up any love that you give him.

"He deserves it," she added. "His past life didn’t seem too well."

Right away, Elliot began Chester's final journey with a visit to a water stream, a hot dog lunch from Nathan's restaurant and a doggy shopping spree.