Ghoulish Jewelry for Grand Halloween Parties

PHOTO: Known for working with materials such as horns and human hair, designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi created this creepy yet cool claw ring.”
Courtesy Aoi Kotsuhiroi

As we grow up, many of us trade Halloween horror movies and haunted houses for party frivolity and the "sexy nurse" costume. But some of us will always love a good horror flick – or better yet, dressing like the lead monster in one. And yes, there's a way to go creepy, yet not full Freddy Krueger. For all you gore-covered Carries and sinister Draculas, here's a roundup of the most disturbing jewelry to add that perfect ghoulish accent to your Halloween finery.

PHOTO: Twin Skeleton Jewel Bangle
Courtesy Alexander McQueen
Twin Skeleton Jewel Bangle

Alexander McQueen is to skulls as Chanel is to the LBD. With this piece, the designer kicks things up multiple notches on the macabre scale. Two skeleton torsos wrap around your wrist, their bony arms extending to a setting for one large Swarovski jewel. This hinge bangle is made of brass and priced at $595 – but hey, you can also wear it to other occasions, specifically Sons of Anarchy viewing parties or similar.

PHOTO: Sleeping Claw Ring
Courtesy Aoi Kotsuhiroi.
Sleeping Claw Ring

This Sleeping Claw ring looks more like a medieval torture device than anything you would willingly wear on your hand. Known for working with materials such as horns and human hair, designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi is truly an eclectic artist, even answering interview question in poetic verse. She also delivers creepy factor on par with the great Asian horror movies – and that's just in her still images.

PHOTO: Skeleton Hand Bracelet
Courtesy Delfina Delettrez
Skeleton Hand Bracelet

Delfina Delettrez's skeleton hand bracelet follows the movement of your wrist, hand and fingers, with joints that imitate human movement. Made from blends of silver and gold, the bracelet features 4.4 ct. of diamonds and an 11 ct. cabochon ruby. We could really imagine this ghoulishly elegant exoskeleton as a full-body piece – perhaps for Lady Gaga's next concert tour?

PHOTO: Skeletal Structure
Courtesy Nika Danielska
Skeletal Structure

Nika Danielska creates wearable bone cage pieces that can be worn under other garments, over or alone (depending on the occasion) and make for some seriously dark drama. The boney, spindly creations may not be best for a packed party, but for a Halloween ball or a quiet little séance gathering at home, it's perfect.

PHOTO:Bat Skeleton Necklace
Courtesy Miyu Decay
Bat Skeleton Necklace

While many Goth fashionistas know that a well-placed skull or skeleton accessory can really amp up an outfit, few have incorporated actual bones into their pieces. Miyu Decay has. Available only at Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery in Los Angeles and on Etsy, this Bat Skeleton Necklace is made from actual fruit bat bones fused together with sterling silver. The clasps are made from the talons, and the wingspan reaches 12".

PHOTO: Memento Mori Skull Ring
Courtesy Wendy Brandes
Memento Mori Skull Ring

Every day is like Halloween for jewelry designer Wendy Brandes. The macabre is her inspiration and her metier. From her vast selection of bats, skulls, dragons, wolves and bones, we're highlighting the Memento Mori Skull Ring because of the way the ruby eyes glimmer in the light like they've come alive and are watching you.

PHOTO: Guillotine Pendant
Courtesy Atelier Minyon
Guillotine Pendant

Atelier Minyon apparently decided that skulls were passé this season, because this piece presents a much, ahem, edgier motif. It's the Guillotine Pendant complete with severed head, worked in 18-karat gold with embedded rubies, creating the blood-spatter effect. Priced at $6,100, this piece is only for people who are truly committed to being the most terrifying person at any party.

PHOTO: Insecta Collection
Courtesy Joji Kojima
Insecta Collection

With collections that are exhibited in museums and store windows around the world, there's definitely a draw to Joji Kojima's jewelry. His "Insecta" Collection is dark, dangerous and channels the creepy crawlies all too well. His most popular pieces are his Mokume-Gane rings that fold over like the finger-like plates on a beetle – intricate and distinctive, though nearly impossible to wear in day-to-day life.

PHOTO: Big Gold Anatomic Heart Necklace
Courtesy Bjorg
Big Gold Anatomic Heart Necklace

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a figure of speech –but apparently, wearing your heart on a chain around your neck is not, necessarily. If you want to display your all-encompassing passionate nature to truly disturbing effect, Bjorg's The Big Gold Anatomic Heart Necklace is your best bet. It's an 18kt gold-plated tiny replica of a human heart… Expensive, anatomically correct, and yet somehow, we don't recommend gifting it on Valentine's Day.

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