All-Girl T-Ball Team Hits Home Run With 'Frozen' Theme

The girls dressed in "Elsa" dresses for their team photos.

ByABC News
June 17, 2015, 2:21 PM
An all-girl t-ball team in Oklahoma drew inspiration from "Frozen" for their team photos.
An all-girl t-ball team in Oklahoma drew inspiration from "Frozen" for their team photos.
Betsy Gregory Photography

— -- A group of 5-year-old, t-ball-playing girls are sending a message of girl power through their end-of-the-season photos.

The girls, all teammates on “The Freeze,” a team in Edmond, Oklahoma, posed for the photos wearing “Elsa” dresses, the lead character in the Disney animated movie “Frozen.”

The funny photos got their start a few months ago when the teammates’ moms were watching their daughters in a dance class and decided to have the girls play t-ball too.

“We joked and said let’s be the ‘Sparkling Elsa’s’ and then one mom said, ‘Let’s be ‘The Freeze,’” and that stuck,” said Betsy Gregory, whose five-year-old daughter, Avery, became the team’s catcher.

“We approached it as a way to combine princesses and red dirt, because that’s what we have here in Oklahoma,” she said. "The girls’ hats had the fake “Elsa” hair down the side but they weren’t allowed to use them in games ... fake hair is a little distracting,”

“The Freeze” team won one game all season, but kept improving, according to Gregory.

When it came time last week to take the team’s end-of-season photos, Gregory had an idea to hit the team’s “Frozen” theme out of the ballpark.

“I said, ‘Let’s put them in their ‘Elsa’ dresses,” Gregory recalled.

The moms, led by Gregory, a professional photographer, gathered the 12 teammates together last Wednesday for the photo shoot, on what happened to be a 90 degree, humid Oklahoma day.

“The whole time it was, ‘We’re thirsty. When are we finished?,’” Gregory said of the girls. “But they obliged their moms and took the pictures.”

“We told them to put on their ‘mean faces’ and, there we go, we got girl power at its finest,” she said.

Gregory posted the photos on her Facebook page for the team’s moms to see, and the photos were shared so many times that they quickly went viral.

“It’s just so funny and such an awesome memory for the girls,” she said. “We are overwhelmed and humbled and grateful.”

Gregory says that for the girls - who all either had their own “Elsa” dress already or were able to quickly borrow one from teammates, like Gregory’s daughter, who has two – their first t-ball season was just a chance to be exposed to a new sport.

“With little kids we have to expose them to everything so we can figure out what they’re good at and passionate about,” Gregory said. “Apparently our girls are really good at looking cute in ‘Elsa’ dresses.”

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