How This Girl With No Job Makes Money Just by Posting on Instagram

Claudia Oshry has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

— -- Claudia Oshry has made a career out of simply being unemployed.

"It’s a loophole because having no job is my job," Oshry, 21, told ABC News’ "Nightline."

Oshry’s journey to social media stardom began after she got fired from her first internship as a freshman at New York University.

She now maintains a steady stream of meme content on her Instagram that she refers to as “relatable humor.” Every day, she posts funny pictures with witty captions that illustrate a particular feeling or attitude.

The trick to a perfect post is using analytics, Oshry said.

In the past two years, Oshry said she’s seen a steady growth in followers, which she credits to her posts’ relatability.

"A lot of the things that I post remind people of their friend, or they can relate to it so much that they feel the need to tag their friend and be like, '@Amanda, look at this,'" Oshry said. "And that’s the best thing for me, 'cause that’s how I grow: them tagging their friends who might not follow me."

This level of engagement is highly attractive to big brands aiming to sell their products to young social media users -- and influencers like Oshry are cashing in.

"It doesn’t even matter how many followers you have. So sometimes a brand will be like, 'Oh she has five million followers, let’s work with her.' But she has bad engagement, they don’t realize that. So it might even be better to work with someone who has less followers but a higher engagement rate because you know more people will see it," said Oshry.

Oshry said she has a higher engagement rate compared to some celebrities on Instagram. For example, while Britney Spears has 12 million followers, one of Oshry’s last posts garnered more comments than Spears’ did.

Oshry’s influence helped her get a branding partnership with the liquor company Captain Morgan. She recently hosted a party for the brand in Las Vegas where 4,000 people attended.

"We’ve been partnering with influencers like Claudia. We’re looking for people who are a fit for the brand personality which she obviously is. She emulates fun, the cocktail culture," Melissa Upjohn, Captain Morgan brand manager told "Nightline."

For a gig like this, Oshry stands to net anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, though she wouldn’t say how much money she’s been offered by brands.

"I’m not at liberty to discuss a number," she said.

When she’s not attending meetings or working on content, Oshry spends time with her fiancé Ben, who also has a wildly successful Instagram account called @boywithnojob.

"I was incredibly, incredibly, incredibly bored of Claudia sitting on her phone like this every night," Ben told "Nightline." “We decided it was a good idea to try and segment the market."

Ben’s account recently hit one million followers, which he credits to Oshry.

Oshry hopes to expand her expertise even further by breaking in to the DJ game.

"For now it’s really more of a hobby and an added thing to when i go to events. I don’t think I’m in a place from a talent or skill standpoint to become a full time DJ," Oshry said. "Obviously that’s #GOALS, but I’m certainly not there."