Glowy Zoey Debuts El Nino Halloween Costume

The elaborate costume produces both lightning and rain.

ByABC News
October 29, 2015, 12:35 PM

— -- A California girl is already blowing people away with an elaborate Halloween costume, literally.

Royce Hutain, the brains behind Glowy Zoey -- a Huntington, California-based company that sells LED costumes for adults and kids -- created an El Niño costume that was modeled by his young daughter, Zoey.

The costume features a headdress constructed using polyfill as the cloud and 98 LED lights as lightning. El Niño, of course, involves rain, so there is also a hand-held switch that turns on falling rain through a washer fluid pump and water bottle in the costume's backpack, according to Hutain.

Despite i’s elaborate nature, Hutain told ABC News the costume took him only “a couple of hours” to construct.

“I had the idea in my head, a brainstorm if you will, and then went to a few stores to pick up what I needed,” Hutain said via email. “I was inspired to make an El Niño costume because that's all we've been hearing about in California lately.”

Hutain got into the LED costume business by chance two years ago when he made then 2-year-old Zoey a Halloween celebrity by posting a short YouTube video of her in the LED stickman suit he’d created for her on a whim, using extra parts he had from making LED suits for snowboarding at night.

The YouTube video received over 22 million views and put Hutain suddenly in the business of making LED stickman costumes.

Last year, Hutain created a stickman LED Minnie Mouse suit for Zoey and showed it off in a video that was viewed more than 2 million times.

This year, Hutain says he and Zoey worked on their “mean faces” to go along with the El Niño theme.

“Me and Zoey worked on making really mean faces to show just how fierce El Niño was going to be, but once the cloud got put on her head, she was more focused on staying balanced,” Hutain wrote. “I kind of went overboard with the cloud and forgot that she was only 3 [sic] feet tall!”

Fellow trick-or-treaters in the Hutains’ neighborhood, however, might have to look up to see the El Niño storm cloud on Halloween Day.

“I may end up wearing the cloud for Halloween,” Hutain said. “I may need to add an ice dispenser for hail.”

Zoey will be dressing up as Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen” for Halloween, but she will not be wearing just any Elsa dress.

“You know I had to modify that,” Hutain wrote of Zoey's Elsa costume, which he wrote on YouTube he modified with 250 LED lights.

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