‘GMA’s Epic Campout: N’Sync’s Joey Fatone Takes Hilarious ‘Glamping’ Trip to Glacier National Park

Fatone and ABC News’ Nick Watt enjoyed the great outdoors.

ABC News’ Nick Watt went along. He slept in a camper trailer from Little Guy Worldwide, using six blankets and a sleeping bag to insulate himself from the cold, while Fatone had a deluxe tent with the comforts of home – including a bed, toilet, sink and tub.

The park encompasses about one million acres of mountainous region and is home to a wide range of animals -- including mountain goats, moose and 300 grizzly bears.

Park Ranger Tim Rains explained what to do if visitors encounter a bear in the park.

“We quietly move backwards or depending on the type of bear you have -- like a black bear -- we watch it from a distance. If it’s a grizzly bear we sometimes make noises like a bear,” Rains said. “We found that if you talk to a bear in a normal voice it actually reacts better. You only use the bear spray if it gets close.”

Watt and Fatone took in some of the available activities on their visit, including sunrise kayaking and horseback riding with Swan Mountain Outfitters.

They also cooked steaks, asparagus and potatoes around a campfire -- but this part of the adventure wasn't without its mishaps. Fatone singed his knuckles, accidentally dropped a steak into the fire and ended up with a potato that he described as being “hard as a rock.” Despite the hiccups, the men pronounced their campfire meal a success.