Groom Spends Would-Be Wedding Day at Football Game After Fiancee Cancels

Sean Bradshaw said his fiancee canceled their wedding day.

— -- After his bride-to-be called off their wedding back in April, one groom decided to make the most of his would-be wedding day.

Sean Bradshaw and his fiancee split after three years together. Two hundred guests had been expected at their Nov. 5 wedding.

Still, the St. Louis man couldn't imagine spending his big day at home, so his friends and family decided to make the most of it. His dad and little brother decided that they would instead attend the Notre Dame versus Navy football game in Jacksonville, Florida.

At the game, he walked around the stadium and held up a sign that jokingly read, "Today's supposed to be my wedding day. She made me choose."

Bradshaw said his would-be wedding day was "really great."

"Leaving the game, I got stopped by a lot of people" giving their well wishes, he said.

Although his team lost — Navy beat Notre Dame 28-27 — Bradshaw still has hope for his love life. And he's thankful for his thoughtful family.

"I wouldn't expect any different," he said. "That's what family is there for, anyways. It means a lot to me."