This Valentine's Day, Send Some Bile to Your Ex

PHOTO: A London store is offering to make voodoo dolls of your exes this Valentines Day.Last Tuesday Society
A London store is offering to make voodoo dolls of your exes this Valentine's Day.

Forget anti-Valentine's Day parties for singletons this Feb 14. The newest way to celebrate your hate on the most romantic day this year involves customized hexes for slimy exes.

A pop-up store in Box Park Shoreditch, London is offering scorned, dumped or two-timed lovers some magical recourse in the lead up to Valentine's Day with tailored voodoo dolls of their former flames for a mere £19.99 ($32 U.S.)

"I needed some tonic from seeing all the Valentine's promotions that basically came up the minute Christmas was over," says creator Suzette Field of The Last Tuesday Society. "I just thought there's got to be something for the broken hearted."

Field, also an author, event promoter and occasional mouse taxidermist, has been overwhelmed with orders since the Voodoo Your Ex service went online on Sunday.

"Even husband and wives who are still together are ordering dolls of each other," Field says. "I didn't ask why because I thought I'd better not."

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Customers start by emailing in a photo of their ex to print on a selection of backing fabrics like "gingham" or "paisley" (who says vengeance can't also be classy) or a base made from a piece of their clothing.

Next, a range of five hexes of your choosing are printed to each limb and torso. Here, customers are encouraged to get creative (think stubbed toe or unexpected tax bill), but also have the option to pick from a list of "generic misfortunes."

Those range from nasty bodily afflictions like "Hair loss," "Gout" and "root canal" to unfortunate scenarios such as a receiving a "speeding fine," "zero Twitter followers" and having your "football team relegated."

"There hasn't been anything too ominous so far. Everything's been a bit petty," Field says, admitting that some appeals have been a bit saddening. "Some requested pins to put into hexes saying 'love me' and 'think of me'."

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For those overseas hoping to get their hands on their own hex doll, Field says she ships to the U.S., though it may take a little longer than the estimated 48-hour lead time she and partner, artist Jess Brewer, need to print and lovingly hand-stitch your personalized form of bile.

Londoners can also being their dolls to a Valentine's Day Masked Ball of the Full Moon on Feb. 14 and take part in a mass "full voodoo hexing ceremony" overseen by "hougan Dr Snaketongue and mambo Mother Carraway."