High school freshman has hilarious meltdown on 1st day of school

J’ia Gladney eventually said she had a "great" first day.

— -- We've all been there: It's the dreaded first day of high school and you're freaking out.

It's why a video of John Horn High School freshman J’ia Gladney having a hilarious meltdown in her school's parking lot on Monday has gone viral on Facebook with more than 6 million views.

"I don't want to go," the 14-year-old says in the video, pretending to cry. "Momma, don't make me go. Go backwards! Go backwards! Why are you making me do this?"

Gladney's mother Crystal Alexander told ABC News she wasn't worried about her "theatrical" daughter because this is a typical scene in her Mesquite, Texas household.

"Prior to leaving home, she was amped. She was excited," Alexander, 40, recalled. "But as we got closer to the school, she started to get panicky and overwhelmed."

"J'ia has always been a very theatrical child. I call her my drama child," the mother of four added.

Gladney told ABC News she became anxious after riding past her old middle school. "That morning I was ready, but when we passed my old school I was like, 'Oh, this is real,'" she explained.

Alexander said she had to circle the school five times before Gladney would get out.

And of course, Gladney said that although she was "serious" in the car, once she met up with friends from middle school, she was "okay."

"It was a good day," Gladney admitted. "I enjoyed lunch and meeting my teachers."

Alexander said she told her daughter on the ride home: "See? I told you! Nothing to worry about."