Hilarious Apology Photos Give New Take on Parenting

Mom's hilarious Facebook page "apologizes" to her toddler.

Dear Baby XO was started by Sarah Showfety, a New Jersey mom of a 22-month-old girl and with another baby on the way.

After her daughter was born, she was "home all the time, working from home. She was a tough baby. And one time when she was nursing I had this thought that I wished she would hurry up and finish so I could have a glass of wine," she noted.

It was moments like those that promoted Showfety to keep track of all the things she should "apologize" to her baby for. "Things like opening the diaper and closing it again when I realized it was just pee or putting her to bed with avocado in her hair," she said. She documents these moments not only on Facebook but Instagramand Twitter.

As a humor writer, Showfety's goal is to "make other moms laugh." She's posted on Dear Baby XO almost every day for a year and said the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I don't write about anything political or really even meaningful," Showfety told ABC News. "It's not meant to be serious, it's just to get a laugh out of the silly things we [parents] do."

She called her Facebook page a "shame-free" zone. "This is really real to me," she said. And while she does try to avoid the serious, there are times she can't help but be moved.

"One time a mom thanked me and said 'I really needed this today.' That made me tear up," she said.