Hilariously Staged Before-and-After Wedding Reception Photos

Photos hilariously capture how wedding party feels before and after reception.

— -- If you’ve ever been asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman in someone’s wedding, you know it’s not the identical dresses, matching dress socks or expensive travel costs you’re eagerly anticipating. It’s the reception.

That’s what makes these scarily accurate photos so funny.

Feast your eyes upon these hilarious pictures that perfectly display the difference before a wedding reception versus after the reception has ended. Clearly, the wedding party is all smiles, full of energy and ready to conquer the world in the first one. In the latter, however, they just need their beds and a nice cheeseburger the next morning.

“After the formal session went down with the whole bridal party, I saw I could get away with anything with this group,” photographer Carrie Roberts of Elite Digital Images told ABC News. “It was just the best time ever.”

The bride and groom, Candice and Tom, who requested their last names remain anonymous, were apparently so much fun during their Oct. 25 wedding in Morristown, New Jersey, Roberts knew right away she’d be able to have a lot of creative freedom with their photo shoot.

“The minute I walked into the bridal suite, I knew the bridesmaids were going to be a good time,” she said. “Then I left them to help the guys with their boutonnieres and I could tell this was going be a great day.”