Holiday-loving couple shows off epic Easter decorations, including 6,000 eggs

“It really is the holiday section of Wal-Mart on steroids,” she said.

— -- Easter has egg-sploded at this Suffolk, Virginia, home.

Debbie and Jim Strickland are winning the holiday decor game with their epic springtime trimmings.

Their amazing Easter home, a 1910 Queen Anne Victorian they’ve lived in for nine years, is the perfect backdrop to help Debbie Strickland carry on the family traditions she grew up loving.

“I always remembered those people who decorated on our street,” said Strickland, a Pittsburgh native. “And at some point, I hope someone thinks of us and says, ‘There was this couple who used to decorate when we were growing up.’ My dad was the first person who got the plastic Nativity sets for the front yard, and I thought that was such a big deal, and it’s nice to carry that on.”

Take a look at some of the Stricklands’ elaborate Easter decorations:

6,000 Easter eggs strewn across their garden.

Two large inflatable decorations in their yard.

Easter bunnies galore.

Pink pastel furniture cushions.

Easter egg garlands around their stately columns.

But the creative couple goes big for more than just Easter. The Stricklands said there are only two months of the year when their home isn’t decorated for a holiday: May and August.

“Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day ... Fourth of July, and in September, we just do fall,” Debbie Strickland said. “And then mid-October we switch over to Halloween. It’s really fabulous and over the top. We even have a 7-foot coffin.”

“When we got the coffin, it was too big to put in the attic,” she said with a laugh.

“For Christmas, we do eight trees inside,” she said. “Outside, we have a big sleigh and reindeer, and I cover each cushion with material that matches the holiday. Right now for Easter, we have pink with white polka dots. It’s really cute.”

But her decorating hobby isn’t a cheap one.

“Thousands is an understatement,” she said, reflecting on how much she has spent over the years. “But we’ve been collecting for 30 years now. After every holiday, I hit the store for the sales. There are things I may not need, but I’ll put them in the attic for my kids to come and grab.”

As for her husband’s involvement?

“He really loves Christmas, and he kind of likes the Halloween,” Debbie Strickland said. “I think he’s OK with the Easter stuff, but he’s the one who cleans up all the eggs, God bless his soul.”

And that’s no easy feat when you've got 6,000 eggs, she added.

“It looks like an Easter bunny threw up in our yard. You don’t expect somebody to put that many eggs out,” she said. “A large lawn trash bag will hold about 1,800.”

On Monday morning “he will be picking up every single one of those eggs,” she added. “They’ve been out since the beginning of April. We’ve had bad storms, so the eggs were floating down the street. He does all the heavy lifting, God bless him.”