Home Surveillance Video Captures Boy's Overnight Fun, Jumping on Couch

The mischievous little boy tried to hide the evidence by unplugging the camera.

— -- The parents of one 6-year-old boy in Florida found out what he does when he thinks no one is watching.

Cody Wray found this video of his sneaky son, Dylan, terrorizing the family’s new couch in the wee hours of the morning by jumping, punching and even doing cartwheels around the couch. The kids are not allowed to jump on the couch, so obviously that’s what Dylan did.

The mischievous boy tried to hide the evidence by unplugging the video camera his dad, who owns an IT security company, had installed. But when Wray noticed the camera was unplugged, he decided to check the footage to see what it had recorded.

That’s when he discovered the bouncing bandit. He posted the hilarious video to Facebook where it’s now gone viral.

“Every time we watch it's still hysterical,” Wray told ABC News. “You want to be mad at him since he's jumping on our brand new couches, but he's just so cute.”

Dylan had told his parents in the past, “I get up at like 2 a.m. sometimes,” but they just passed it off as him being a 6-year-old getting up early before school. They never imagined he literally meant 2 a.m.