Keep Home Thieves Away With a Security Expert’s 6 Tips

Find out what you may be missing in your home’s security.

ByABC News
May 17, 2016, 7:04 AM

— -- Are you prepared if a home invasion happens to you?

Members of a family in Williamsburg, Virginia, allowed “Good Morning America” to conduct a test on their home to see how secure it is.

Safety and security expert Bill Stanton was able to break into the family’s home, taking advantage of lapses in their home security system.

"There's no single magic bullet to securing your home," he said, but he does have some advice to make your home more secure.

Stanton said to think of home security like venturing out in freezing weather, saying, "It's all about layering. You should have several layers of protection that keep your home safe."

Here are Stanton's top six tips to increase the safety of your home:

1. Having a good security system is paramount, but it's effective only if it's activated. Install motion detection devices inside and outside your home, with mobile notifications enabled.

2. Lock up and secure out of sight any and all tools, devices and appliances that could help possible intruders break into your home — for example, ladders, ropes and drills.

3. Whether your garage is detached or connected, secure its entry points and windows. It's often the path of least resistance to gain access to your home.

4. While dogs are man's best friend and aid in the detection of possible intruders, unless the dog is specifically trained, don't fully rely on your furry friends.

5. Have highly rated window and door locks on all windows and doors, which should be strong and secure.

6. The more you can create the perception that people are always in your home, the better. Timed lights, a vehicle in the driveway, smartphone tech, etc., all aid in deterrence.