Hundreds of Corgis Hit the Beach for Corgi Con 2016

The pups hit the beach for Corgi Con.

ByABC News
June 28, 2016, 10:49 AM

SAN FRANCISCO -- It's a tail of 700 Corgis.

Hundreds of the pups took over Ocean Beach in San Francisco to celebrate Corgi Con last Saturday -- complete with group photo, fundraisers and even a wedding proposal.

The event started in 2013 after North Cal Corgi Con founder, Cynthia Lee started to host small Corgi gatherings.

"This is the perfect excuse to come to the beach. The event exceeded our expectations and clearly there is big love for these Corgis,” she says.

It is all “Paws on Deck” when it comes to planning the bi-annual event in the summer and the fall.

The love for Corgis attracts people from all over the country. "Corgis are lovable. They always want to play with you and this is a great opportunity for Kona, my dog to play with other Corgis," said PJ Arrellano, of Hawaii.

Non on the agenda was a wedding proposal. Adam Lingenfelter came all the way from Alabama to propose to his girlfriend, Cynthia. “I brought her here without any knowledge and surprised her," he said. "I was pretty nervous but she said 'yes.'”

Corgi Con is open to all dogs and owners and next Corgi Con is in October 2016.