Husband Pranks Wife by Constantly Recording Videos Instead of Taking Photos

The Seattle husband's prank has gone viral with more than 16,000 views.

December 2, 2015, 5:30 PM

— -- When this woman’s husband is behind the camera, it’s safe to assume he’s up to something sneaky.

Over the past three years, Florin Mehedinti of Seattle has pranked wife Gracie by constantly recording videos of her when she thinks she’s posing for a photo.

“I started about three years ago after I took a few videos on accident,” Mehedinti told ABC News of how his initial shenanigans began. “They ended up being hilarious and I started deliberately subjecting my friends to what they've all come to know as the ‘Forever Pose.’ Though, since my wife's always with me, she takes the brunt of the abuse.”

After three years of enduring the same prank, it’s safe to say Gracie would eventually catch on, but he’s got a few tips for ensuring his video victims are none the wiser.

“You start coming up with creative ways to throw people off,” Mehedinti said. “For example, you'll always want to keep a straight face and make sure they ask you for the photo, not the other way around. Sometimes I'll throw in a few questions like ‘portrait or landscape?’ or ‘Should I get the outfit?’ She loved photos showing the full outfit so I knew how to work her pretty well.”

Something he noticed while doing all his pranks was that “it's a wonderful way to capture emotion and memories.”

“I plan on working on an iPhone application that allows for 6-10 seconds of video capture that automatically compiles several videos into a montage similar to the videos I've put out. If anything, it'll assist me in putting out more and more of these videos,” he said.

One of the most important memories captured in this viral video is the evolution of Gracie’s pregnancy.

“She hasn't been born yet,” Mehedinti said of his soon-to-be daughter. “She's due on January 12th and I'm giddy. It's my hope that she'll be as easy to capture as her mom.”

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