Husband's Sleeping 'Selfie' Goes Viral, Wife Says Husband Falls Asleep 'Anywhere'

Over 3 million people have seen this hilarious photo.

— -- When Alexis Magnusson received a "selfie" from her husband, Lance, it wasn't the typically adorable snap she was used to. Instead, she got a photo of her husband sound asleep with his mouth wide open inside an airport terminal, while a man smiled deviously beside him.

"I got [the photo] yesterday afternoon," Alexis, 33, told ABC News. "I texted back and said, 'Who is this?' I didn't hear anything back, but I just thought it was so funny that I posted it for my friends."

After picking up hundreds of likes and comments on Facebook, Alexis then posted the photo to Imgur, where, as of Friday afternoon, over 3 million people have viewed it.

Turns out Alexis had nothing to worry about. Apparently, the smiling guy in the photo next to her husband was his co-worker, Matt Brown, whom he's known for nearly two years.

And though the mother of four children under the age of 13 was worried about how her husband would feel about millions of people seeing him fast asleep, she needn't worry. Lance said he was cool with it, even after receiving a bevy a texts from his wife and friends once his plane landed back in Washington.

"I was just kind of blown away," Lance told ABC News. "It's just crazy. Matt and I were kind of joking about it. ... We were actually joking that I've had a series of embarrassing things at work happen that are funny, and that this is one more. He said he was gonna put the picture in the trip report so everyone at work could see it."