Instagram Husbands Share Secrets Behind Capturing Their Wives

Choose natural light and go for candid moments.

December 11, 2015, 1:23 PM
PHOTO: Gary Williams and his girlfriend Dvon Holland pose at California's Pfeiffer Beach.
Gary Williams and his girlfriend Dvon Holland pose at California's Pfeiffer Beach.
Gary Williams

— -- Are you an "Instagram Husband"? Are you the man behind your mate's perfect social snap?

It's a question many husbands, boyfriends and even partners are asking themselves after Mystery Hour's nearly three-minute video spoof went viral. It shows husbands complaining about taking snaps of their wives' lives -- from taking dozens of photos in front of a brick wall, being berated for drinking a latte before taking a photo of it and other tongue-in-cheek scenarios. So far, over 2.5 million people have watched the spoof as of Friday afternoon.

Professional photographer Gary Williams, who has been with travel blogger Dvon Holland for eight months, said his girlfriend has become his "art director" for Instagram photos, which are outfitted with their own unique hashtag using their initials, MWxDH.

"She's like really into it now," he told ABC News. "She'll direct our shots and be like, 'Oh babe, set it up like this! Do it like this!' She's developed a pretty good eye so when we go out, we'll see something and we'll simultaneously say we've got to take a picture."

Newlywed Lance Drummonds said he could relate to the video, but he doesn't mind sharing photos of his wife of three months, Linsey Edwards Drummonds.

"I know other people might get annoyed, but I'm the guy who stops to capture the picture or capture the moment as opposed to living it," the musician explained to ABC News. "I'm a proud husband. You married this woman for a reason. So yeah, show her off if she's okay with long as you both agree to how much you're posting, post it! Do it and do it proudly."

Drummonds, 30, said he's become accustomed to knowing when his wife, a 30-year-old PhD student, wants to take a photo. "She's a big fan of nature for sure," he revealed.

If you're looking to become the perfect Instagram mate, Drummonds and Williams have some suggestions.

"I'm more of a candid person," Drummonds said. "Try to capture the genuine moment. Don't let the wife know what you're about to do because then it takes away from the sincerity of the moment."

Williams said his number one suggestion is having patience. "If you take beautiful shots of her, she going to have no complaints," he said. "She'll be like, 'Babe, send me that right now so I can post.' As long as you take beautiful pictures of them you're good."

Along with capturing your mate in "natural light," Williams said to pay attention to details.

"I look at color and contrast when taking her photo," he added. "And I look for things that I think will compliment her outfit. If I see she's wearing an orange dress I'll put her against a white wall. I usually know what she likes and what she doesn't like."

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